A screenshot of a text message from Backstory, inviting a user to view shared memories.

Texts from Backstory

Text Messages

Backstory sends text messages for various reasons.

For example, Backstory might send you a text when:

  • A friend invites you to view their shared memories

  • Your partner invites you to share an account

  • You login from a new device and need a verification code

Phone Numbers Used

Backstory currently sends text messages from the following phone numbers:

  • 858-923-4840 (USA Number: +18589234840)

  • 858-504-6542 (USA Number: +18585046542)

You can't send messages to these phone numbers. Messages sent to these numbers will not be answered. They are only for Backstory to send outbound messages.


If you're unsure about the legitimacy of a text message, please contact our support team with a screenshot of the text you received.