Three intertwined, floating phones, showing a tag's details, an image being tagged and a notification of new shared images.

Effortlessly Share Memories

Sharing memories is seamlessly built into Backstory's curating process. We call the sharing system Tag Share.


There's no other sharing system this easy or this fast.

How tag share works

While you curate memories (choosing to skip or save videos and photos to your Backstory) you also share.


When you choose to share a memory, it's shared based on its tags.

Every tag can have a unique lists of contacts it shares with. In this example, the Yoga tag is shared with three friends. 

The Tag edit screen, showing 3 photos of a woman doing Yoga. There are 3 names listed.

Disabling tag share is simple

To disable sharing for any memory, just uncheck Tag Share


When you disable sharing, the tags remain, but the memory won't be shared.

A screenshot of the Backstory App where a user keeps an image from being shared with their

Share your life story

Because Backstory's sharing and curating are one-and-the-same, you'll soon find yourself in the habit of curating in order to also share photos or videos.


Your videos and photos will be fully organized, shared with the right people, and loved ones will feel more connected.

A shared Backstory with 4 images, from a family playing soccer to skateboarding.jpg