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Effortlessly Share Memories

Sharing memories is seamlessly built into Backstory's curating process. While you curate, you also share. 

Getting the right image shared with the right people has never been easier. 


Share via Faces

When you tag a memory with a person's face, that memory can automatically be shared with that person. You just need to provide their contact info, so they can access your shared memories.

A screenshot showing how to edit and share a face with contacts.jpg

Add contact info to share your curated memories tagged with that face.

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Share via Albums

When you add a memory to a shared album, that memory is shared with all the contacts added to the shared album. 

A screenshot showing how to edit and share an album with contacts.jpg

Add and remove contacts from your shared albums.

Tagging Faces and Adding to Albums

While curating, whenever you save a memory, you are prompted to tag faces, and add the memory to albums.

Backstory's facial recognition suggests faces, but you need to confirm them.

You can add a memory to multiple shared and private albums. 

Two screens showing a user tagging a face and albums.jpg

This example memory will be shared with Liz, Steph, College Friends and the user's Partner.

Easily Review Sharing Settings

Visit the Sharing tab to see your list of recognized faces and how many contacts each faces is shared with.

Also visit the Sharing tab for a list of albums, and their sharing settings. When an album is shared, you'll see the icon of three persons.

Two screens showing shared faces and albums.jpg

Easily review sharing settings for faces and albums.

Share Your Life Story

Because Backstory's sharing and curating are one-and-the-same, you'll soon find yourself in the habit of curating in order to also share photos or videos.


Your videos and photos will be fully organized, shared with the right people, and loved ones will feel more connected.

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