You use Backstory to organize, share and relive your memories. To do so, you're saving deeply personal videos and photos to your account.


No app or company can guarantee there will never be a security breach; however, the security of your images is a top priority for us. Accordingly, we have the following systems and practices in place:

  • Strong password requirements

  • Mandatory Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for all registered users

  • Privacy controls

  • Data encrypted at-rest and in-transit

    • Your data is sent using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, using Industry standard Transport Layer Security (TLS). 

    • All credit card transitions are encrypted using bank level encryption on a PCI-Compliant network

  • Employee access to customer data is limited and audited

  • Regularly-updated infrastructure

  • Data synced to the cloud is under your control

  • Full redundancy for all major systems

    • Data is backed up daily and stored securely

A dad and child, holding hands, wearing snow gear, backs turned to the camera, gaze into the distance during a winter hike.

Our Security Practices