Your videos and photos (your image data), are deeply personal and private. We believe the only way to honor your privacy is with full transparency. 


To be fully transparent, Backstory will scan your images to help you quickly organize and generate memory experiences. For example, we might use facial recognition to group the right people in a slideshow, or use location information to recap a vacation, but that data is for your use, not ours. Importantly, we do not use your data to sell ads.


We value the trust you put in Backstory to organize, share and relive your memories. If we are not openly honest and upfront about how your data is used, we lose that trust. 


We do not plan, or want, to sell targeted ads on Backstory. We will make money by charging for premium memory experiences, printed keepsakes, or superior storage. For full transparency, in the future if we had to sell ads to maintain a best-in-class experience for Backstory users, you will clearly be informed and have every opportunity to opt out of these targeted ads. 

Unfortunately, the largest tech companies can scan your images, determine where you’ve been, what you do, who’ve you seen, and what you like. It’s not known if these companies exploit your image data to help their advertisers profile you, target you, and make money off you, but we do know they exploit other private data.

A mom, with her back facing the camera, crosses a street while holding her two toddler's hands. They're wearing backpacks.

Your Privacy and Trust