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My First Backstory

A still from the video. Stacy is lying on the hospital bed, holding the baby, and Joe is next to her. They're both smiling.

I love reminiscing with my videos and photos, especially watching old videos of my kids. There’s one in particular that really gets me.

Within 24 hours after my first son, Grayson, was born I created a video to share with my fam. (There’s a lot of downtime in the hospital when you have a kid. They sleep a lot.) I wanted them, especially my parents, to not just see photos of Grayson, but to experience the day. I chose the day’s best video clips, the best photos, slapped them together, overlaid a popular song at the time that was just right (Go Do by Jónsi) and posted it on YouTube. It was cheesy, overly sentimental. I was a mumbling mess. My wife wasn’t too keen on how she looked. C-sections are tough. Maybe twenty family members watched it that day, and they loved it.

Every once in a while, we dig up that YouTube link to relive the day. Grayson is now old enough where he asks to see it. And every single time it’s played, it hits. Just hearing the Jónsi song hits by association.

That video now serves as motivation to help build a company that produces similar memory experiences for all users, to relive their most precious moments.


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