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Organize Apple Photos Albums

How about a two-for-one special? With Backstory's latest update, now when you curate your Backstory, you can also begin to organize your Apple Photos App.

  1. For every new album you create in Backstory, we'll create a copy of it in Apple Photos.

  2. In Apple Photos, we'll prepend "Backstory" before the album name so you can easily identify albums created in Backstory. For example, the Backstory album "Cooking" will be named "Backstory - Cooking" in Apple Photos.

  3. When you add a saved memory to a Backstory album, that video/photo is also added to the relevant Apple album.

A line drawing shows an Apple Album icon on the left with an equal sign pointing to a Backstory tag on the right.

Visit our in-depth page on Organizing Apple Photos Albums for more detailed information on this feature.

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