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Partner Share

We all like seeing photos with us in them, but they're mostly on our partner's phone! With Backstory, you now have seamless access to all those great photos of you and other meaningful photos taken by your partner! 

A couple lying in bed in pajamas, with their feed up on the headboard. Both are staring at

Keeping Memories Private

With Backstory's curating system, only you're saved, not your skipped, photos are shared with your partner. 

To keep a saved image private from your partner, simply disable/uncheck the Partner Album when saving the memory.

Skipped images are never shared with your partner.

A memento photo of teddy bears with Partner Share disabled.jpg

To keep a memory private simply disable the Partner Album.

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Viewing Partner-Shared Memories

Your partner's saved memories appear in your Backstory Memories, and vice versa.


Partner images are identified with a small icon.

Combined with Backstory's powerful search features, you can find just the right image taken by your partner.

Plus, we bet most pictures of you are on their phone, not yours.

A phone with the screen showing memories filtered to Partner's Images.jpg

Filter memories to show just those taken by your partner.

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