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A screenshot of the Backstory App notifying you when your partner has added 23 new images

Partner Share

Most photos taken of you, and other meaningful photos that matter to you, are on your partner's phone.


You both should always have access to shared moments and memories.

Viewing combined memories

Your partner's saved images will appear in your Backstory Memories, and vice versa.


Partner images are identified with a small icon. You can filter memories to only show their images - a popular feature. 


You no longer need to borrow your partner's phone to browse their images, or ask them to text you an image. That world is thankfully over!

The app is filtering its library to only show images uploaded by a partner

Keeping Images Private

To keep an image private from your partner, simply uncheck Partner Share when you're saving the memory.


You can also uncheck Partner Share after you already saved a memory. 

Skipped images are never shared with your partner.

A screenshot of an image being saved with the unchecked checkbox next to partner share.jpg
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