Two selfies of a couple. The first selfie is skipped, revealing the second below it.

Organize Images

With an intuitive design, Backstory allows you to quickly declutter and organize thousands of images. Here's the real magic: while you organize, you're also sharing images with your loved ones and your partner.

Swipe Up to Skip

Skipping an image means it's not uploaded/saved to your Backstory account. 

The original image on your phone is not modified in any way.

When in doubt, skip! To finally enjoy your memories, cut down thousands of images into a manageable number.  

A screenshot showing the best way to organize photos with an image being swiped up to be skipped.
Organizing your images is now easy. Get Backstory!

Tap to Save

After tapping an image, a screen appears allowing you to tag it, change sharing settings, and add a caption. These steps are optional.


When you save a photo or video, a full-resolution copy of the image is uploaded to your account and becomes viewable in your memories.

The original image on your phone is not touched and remains on your phone.

Tagging an image with Amanda, Hiking, Luna, Road Trip. The image shows a woman hiking with her dog.

Bulk Organize

The Bulk Organize feature allows you to select multiple images and apply the same changes to all of them at once.

Skip multiple images. Save multiple images. Apply the same tags to multiple images.

How the Backstory App lets you organize photos in bulk. You can select multiple photos to organize.

Helpful Hints

You've taken thousands of photos and videos, only save the special ones to cut that number down.


The better you do removing excess images, the better Backstory will do when creating your Memories


Skip images, a lot! Your future self will thank you. 

An example of swiping up to delete an image during organization.