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Organize Apple Photos Albums

While you curate, Backstory can sync with albums in your Apple Photos App. 


You can create new albums, or use existing albums. There is no easier way to organize your Apple library! 

Create an Apple Photos Album for Each Backstory Tag

Create a new Apple Photos Album for any of your Backstory Tags.

  1. When you create a tag, select Create album in Apple Photos.

  2. When you use that tag on a saved memory, that same video or photo is added to the relevant Apple album.

Creating an Apple Photos Album during the Tag Creation process.jpg

Upload Existing Apple Photos Albums

If you have existing albums that you want to keep adding photos to, upload them to Backstory!

  1. Every photo from the albums you select are uploaded and a corresponding tag is created. 

  2. Whenever those tags are used on a saved memory, the video or photo is also added to the relevant Apple album.

Screenshot of uploading existing Apple Photos Albums and creating a corresponding tag.jpg

Easily Add A Photo to Multiple Apple Albums

Because each tag can have a corresponding Apple Photos Album, when you apply multiple tags to a saved memory, that same photo or video can then be added to multiple Apple albums. 

Screenshot of adding two tags, College Friends and School, to a saved memory.jpg