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Organize Apple Photos Albums

While you curate, Backstory automatically organizes your Apple Photos app, and allows you to easily remove skipped photos from your Apple Photos library. 


Albums you create in Backstory are mirrored in Apple Photos. For example a Backstory album called "Kids Sports" would be created in Apple Photos as "Backstory - Kids Sports."  When you save a memory to a Backstory album, the same video/photo in Apple Photos is added to the mirror album.

A phone with the screen showing a users Apple Photos Albums.jpg

A screenshot of Apple Photos
Backstory creates mirror versions of your Backstory albums in Apple Photos.

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Delete Skipped Photos on iPhone 

Any video/photo you skip in Backstory is added to an album in Apple Photos called "Backstory - Skipped."  

To delete skipped photos from your Apple Photos app, go to the album "Backstory - Skipped" in Apple Photos, select all, and tap the trash icon.

Note that it takes 30 days for Apple to delete photos from your phone, so if you need to immediately free up storage, navigate to "Recently Deleted" in Apple Photos, select all the photos and tap "Delete All." Once you do this, those photos are permanently deleted.

A phone with the screen showing a users skipped album with all photos selected.jpg

A Screenshot of Apple Photos
Easily delete your Skipped Photos from your phone to free up storage.

Organized with a Backup

By mirroring Backstory albums in Apple Photos, Backstory creates a backup version of your work deciding which images to organize into which albums.

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