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Memory Experiences

Your curated memories, and those shared by your partner, friends and family become the foundation for your memory experiences.

A family of four reminiscing by watching a Backstory slideshow projected on their living r

Lose Yourself by Scrolling

Browsing the chaos of our photo libraries is a uniquely terrible experience, but with Backstory's curated memories, you'll find yourself lost in a mesmerizing scrolling experience. 

Stacked photos and videos of a woman's camping trip in Crescent, Oregon.jpg

Endlessly scrolling curated memories is a breathtaking experience

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Find Specific Memories Instantly

Backstory's comprehensive search tools allow you to find just the right images. With tagged faces, keywords from captions, location data and albums, it's never been easier to find just the video or photo you're looking for. 

Search by keyword, faces, albums, date range, and media type.

Two screens showing how to filter memories to find specific videos and photos.jpg

Find just the image you're looking for with Backstory's powerful search tools

Endless Possibilities

Create the perfect holiday card, compile photo books, print photos, send DVD slideshows to Grandma. The possibilities are endless with your newly organized images and those shared by your partner, friends and family.

Backstory's organized Memories Screen featuring a Backpacking montage.jpg

A curated collection of you and your partner's best memories

The Future We're Building

With your curated collection of favorite moments, complemented with those shared from family and friends, Backstory will reimagine how we reminisce, from Hollywood-level production to fully immersive experiences. You spent countless hours capturing your happiest moments so one day you might remember them. That day has arrived.

Two memory experience concepts of a holiday-themed movie Copy 3.jpg
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