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Image Sharing

Backstory revolutionizes the traditional process for image sharing. Spend a few minutes organizing your images and sharing happens automatically based on tags.

Amaze Your Family and Friends

Sharing Tags

Set a tag to share with certain people automatically.


When you save an image with that tag, it's magically shared with the right people!

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Disable Sharing

To not share an image based on its tags, simply uncheck Tag Share.

Uncheck Partner Share to not share that image with your partner.

A screenshot of the app where the user is saving an image, and unchecks a circle next to Tag Share.

Organized & Shared

Because Backstory's sharing and organizing are one-and-the-same, you'll soon find yourself in the habit of organizing in order to also share.


Your videos and photos will be fully organized, shared with the right people, and loved ones will feel more connected.

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