A line drawing of Tag Share, the best way to share images, with a family and their tags.

Image Sharing

Backstory's Tag Share revolutionizes the traditional process for image sharing. Spend a few minutes organizing your photos and sharing happens automatically. With more frequent sharing, your family and friends feel more connected (even Grandma with only her computer), and you're all adding to one anothers' Backstory.


Setting up Tag Share is a simple, 3-step process.

Easily share images and amaze friends and family.

Step 1

First, create a group of contacts who would enjoy seeing the same images, or instead of a group, choose a single person. Contacts do not need to install the Backstory app to view your images.


In this illustrated example, a user selects her family - Mom, Dad, and sister.

A screenshot showing how a user creates a Tag Share group by selecting contacts from a list.

Step 2

Select one or multiple tags the group shares in common, tags they would all want to see.


Our example's family would want to see images tagged with KIDS or EXTENDED FAM.

A screenshot showing how a user selects tags to assign to the Tag Share group.

Step 3

After confirming your Tag Share, each contact receives an email where they can accept (or decline) your request to share tagged images.

When our user tags an image with KIDS or EXTENDED FAM, and enables Tag Share, it's shared with her family.

A screen showing how a user finally confirms their Tag Share.

Example #1

Here our user tags a video with EXTENDED FAM, ELIZABETH and TAYLOR.


The user also enabled Tag Share.


Because EXTENDED FAM is shared with her family, and Tag Share is enabled, this video will now be shared with her family.

A screen of the Backstory app with a user tagging an image to be shared via Backstory's Tag Share.

Example #2

Let's say our user creates another Tag Group with her sister and best friends. The Tag Group shares two tags: KIDS and NIGHTLIFE.


These diagrams demonstrate which tags are shared with which people.

A line drawing diagram of 3 groups of silhouettes. Beneath each group are their assigned tags.
A line drawing with arrows connecting tags to contacts, showing which contact will see which tag.