Backstory's feed with three images stacked on top of each other. Each imnage has a date and two have a caption.

Your Feed

Your feed is where Backstories are shared with you.


It's a feed of only the people you care deeply about. There's no politics, bragging, or competing, just their photos and videos, presented in a beautifully simple format.


You can add any video or photo from your feed into your own Backstory.

Make Your Family and Friends Smile

Add Shared Images

With the Add to Backstory button, save any shared image from the feed to your Backstory.

Invite your friends to use the app. As they organize their photo library, their photos and videos taken of you enrich your Backstory.

An image of the Add to Backstory button with a selfie taken of college roomates at a reunion in Quebec City.

Browse Your Way 

From the feed,  choose whose Backstories you want to visit and see updates on their real lives, not the Instagrammed ones.

A screenshot of the primary feed where the user chooses whose updates to view.

Just Send Thanks

On Backstory, there's no pressure to make comments or like every post. In fact, the only thing you can do is say thanks.

An image of tags overlaid on photos. The 8 tags say "Thank Nicole & David."  Each tag represents a different message, from "thanks for sharing," to "Love you!"