Three friends' shared Backstories. Each one is grouped with 4 images..jpg

Your Backstory Feed

Your feed is where Backstories are shared with you.


It's a feed of only the people you care deeply about. There's no politics, bragging, or competing, only photos and videos, beautifully presented.

Scroll down memory lane with those you love.

Add shared memories to your Backstory

With the Add to Backstory button, save any shared memory from the feed to your personal Backstory.

Invite your family and friends to use the app. As they curate their memories, their photos and videos taken of you enrich your Backstory.

A video of 5 20-somethings in a circle passing a soccer ball, highlighting the Add to Back

Browse the feed at your pace, when you want to

From the feed,  choose whose Backstories you want to visit and see updates on their real lives, not the Instagrammed ones.

A shared Backstory with 3 images, from friends watching TV to them eating a meal with chop

No pressure to like or comment

We believe in designing Backstory around normal and healthy human interactions.  For that reason, there's no liking or public comments.


In fact, the only thing you can do is say thanks.

Pre-written messages that a user can select. The messages are covering two shared Backstories.