Two selfies taken by three women. The first selfie is being skipped by getting swiped up,

Curating Memories

With an intuitive design, Backstory allows you to quickly sort through thousands of images, to curate your favorite memories. While you curate, you're also sharing images with loved ones and your partner.

Choose a single month to curate

Your goal is to curate one month at a time.


We recommend completing a single month before moving to another month. 

You’ll see the Backstory checkmark when you complete a month, meaning every image in that month is either skipped or saved. You'll love seeing that checkmark! 

18 months are displayed for the user to choose one to curate. Completed months have a chec

Swipe up to skip an image

Skipping a video/photo means it's not uploaded/saved to your Backstory account. 

The original file on your phone is not modified in any way.

When in doubt, skip! To finally enjoy your memories, cut down thousands of images into a manageable number.  

An app screenshot showing the best way to organize photos with an image being swiped up to

Tap to save an image

Tap an image to save it as a memory your Backstory. You'll have the option to tag it, change sharing settings, and add a caption.


When you save a photo or video, a copy of the original file is uploaded to your account and becomes viewable in your library.

The original file on your phone is not modified and remains on your phone.

A photo of a couple hiking being saved with the tag National Parks.jpg

Skip or save multiple images at once

Bulk Curate allows you to select multiple images and apply the same changes to all of them at once.

Skip multiple images. Save multiple images. Apply the same tags to multiple images.

A screenshot of how the Backstory App lets you organize photos in bulk. You can select mul

Similar images are grouped

Backstory groups similar images so that in a single step you can choose the best one and skip the rest.

Six similar images of a couple posing are displayed in a grid, enabling the user to choose

Tips for curating memories

You've taken thousands of photos and videos and they're now completely overwhelming! Only save the special ones to cut that number down.


The better you do removing excess images, the better Backstory will do when creating your Memories


Skip images, a lot! Your future self will thank you. 

The app is informing the user how many images they've skipped and saved..jpg