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Reminiscing promotes optimism

Reminiscing makes us feel more socially connected

Reminiscing reminds us to cultivate strong relationships, and pursue life goals 

A magnified image shows a photo app, with a mess of videos and photos, showing its image count - 36,407 Photos and 3,861 Videos.

But we can't reminisce because our photo apps failed us

Our libraries are so massive, so overwhelming that we can't enjoy our memories. We're stuck relying on apps guessing what memories matter and what photos and videos are meaningful.


Our years of effort taking photos, pausing moments to capture just the right shot, are effectively wasted.

Backstory is different

A family of four reminiscing by watching a Backstory slideshow projected on their living room wall.

Backstory transforms your endless mess of photos and videos into a breathtaking collection of favorite moments.


Your personal Backstory becomes your foundation for reminiscing, for entertaining memory experiences and for sharing your life story.

Two themed movies. "The Day" - a wedding movie. And "A Garcia Christmas Story" - a holiday movie

Prototypes of future memory experiences.

Backstory's magic isn't just having an organized collection of photos and videos, it's also in the process of curating, which is like a form of reminiscence therapy.

  1. Backstory displays photos from your past 

  2. With simple swipe gestures you either skip or save each photo

  3. As you advance through your photos, you'll find yourself fully absorbed, reliving your past

  4. You'll process thousands of photos and videos in no time, creating a collection of only your best memories

A bad image getting skipped by swiping up - a magenta overlay appears saying SKIP, and ano

Curate your memories, one month at a time. 

It's fast, simple and fun.

Six similar images of a couple posing are displayed in a grid, enabling the user to choose

Similar images are automatically grouped so you can choose the best and skip the rest!

Your partner is the other photographer documenting your life. In fact, we bet your partner has more videos and photos taken of you than you do!

Backstory allows for joint accounts to merge your memories, while also letting you keep any memory private to yourself.


A library filtered to show memories added by a partner with a notification they added new memories.

Combine your and your partner's memories into a single collection.

Feel more connected with family and close friends by sharing favorite memories with Backstory's private and secure sharing platform.

A friend's Backstory, with photos of him running with his son in superhero capes, playing football with him, and three women having a picnic.

Friends immerse themselves in your Backstory with a stunning, full-screen experience.

Three friends' Backstories shown on a phone, which hovers over a laptop showing the detail of one of those Backstories.

Your family doesn't need the app to enjoy your Backstory. It's accessible on laptops, tablets and any Android or iOS phone.

Your feed of shared Backstories is just people you care deeply about, without politics, bragging, or competing, only videos and photos, beautifully presented.

There's no pressure to make comments or like everything. In fact, the only thing you can do, by design, is privately say thanks.

Pre-written messages that a user can select to thank their friends and the screen that friend sees, with the messages floating up.

The sharing platform fosters natural and positive social interactions.

Memories that matter to you aren't just on your phone. They're buried in our partner's, family's, and friends' phones. 


By using Backstory, family and friends can instantly save full-resolution copies of shared memories from their feed into their personal Backstories.

A single shared photo of a selfie of 10 20-somethings drinking cocktails around a table, highlighting the Add to Backstory button.

Import shared memories to your Backstory with the Add to Backstory button.

Backstory is creating a future where our memories, and those shared by our partners, family and friends, are the foundation for extraordinary experiences.

Far more ambitious than simple slideshows and montages - Backstory's goal is for you to relive favorite moments in ways never imagined before. 


Start curating your Backstory today and step into this future.

A phone is cutoff at its midpoint as it floats horizontally away from the screen, showing the memory
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