The Premise

Our images, and those captured by our loved ones, document our happiest moments. We spend countless hours capturing just the right shot to remember each moment in the future. 

A screen, with an image being swiped up with the word SKIP overlaid in magenta.

The Problem

Despite all the effort, we can’t easily find our captured moments. We can't easily browse our images to think about our past. We can’t easily enjoy our memories.


There are two root causes.

  1. Despite their best intentions, our current photo apps are largely responsible for the disorganized, overwhelming mess we're in. 

  2. Our images aren't only stored on our devices; they're on our partner's, our family's, and our friends' devices.  

A woman and her dog beside a campfire.  Overlaid are the tags Bailey and Kids.

The Future

We believe there is a future when our memories become a new form of entertainment. 


The challenge in building that future is compiling, organizing and identifying images that matter. Backstory's unique approach meets that challenge. The backbone is the organization process that enables users to skip, save, tag and share images in one fast, easy process. The end result is a comprehensive, organized and decluttered collection of videos and photos, unique to each of us.

That collection becomes the foundation upon which Backstory produces extraordinary memory experiences. In the words of Don Draper, "This device isn’t a space ship. It’s a time machine. It goes backwards, forwards. Takes us to a place where we ache to go again."

An image of two people's silhouettes while they kiss. Overlaid, the Date Night tag is selected.

The Founders

Joe Charat sitting at his desk, smiling, wearing a blue shirt and jeans.

Joe Charat

A headshot of Jay Signorello, wearing a plaid shirt, smiling, with a plain grey backdrop.

Jay Signorello

Jay and Joe began working together when they co-founded Naked Apartments. With its web, iOS and Android apps, Naked Apartments grew to become the largest rentals marketplace in the most lucrative and competitive market in the world, New York.  


By building simple solutions for complex problems, team-building and profitable growth, they were able to bootstrap and then sell the company to Zillow for $16 million ($13mm cash, $3mm stock) in 2016.


After leaving Zillow they caught up on missed family time, and independently began incubating, investing in, and advising various businesses.

And You

Join the team. Build this future.

A family of four reminiscing on a couch, watching a projected slideshow on their wall.