A mom in profile crouches down and uses a DSLR camera to capture her three kids facing a lake on a rocky shoreline.

The Premise

Our videos and photos, and those taken by loved ones, document our happiest moments. 


We pause and take ourselves out of these moments to,  "Stop - let's take a photo. Smile!" But what's the point when every photo ends up in an endless abyss that we call our photo library?

A magnified image shows a photo app's image count - 36,407 Photos and 3,861 Videos. That phone hovers over a laptop with another high image count.

Problem 1

Your photo app has failed you. Your photos and videos are effectively wasted, because your most meaningful memories disappear into that endless abyss. 

Solution 1

Forget that old chaotic library and easily create a gorgeous new one that's a joy to browse. Using Backstory's groundbreaking features you'll quickly declutter, sort and organize all your photos.


It sounds overwhelming, but once you begin using Backstory, you'll realize it's anything but. In fact, organizing is fun and an incredible way to reminisce and share with your loved ones. 


You'll love your new library, and soon find yourself only using Backstory to enjoy your photos. Whether it's scrolling down memory lane, or watching a breathtaking slide show, memory experiences are truly spectacular with an organized library.

A bad image getting skipped by swiping up - a magenta overlay appears saying SKIP, and another image getting saved and tagged.
A couple lying in bed in pajamas, with their feed up on the headboard. Both are staring at each other's phones.

Problem 2

62% of adults live with a partner,* and those partners are the other photographer capturing our lives. Meaningful photos that matter to us, and most photos taken of us, are on their phone.


Having your partner's best photos in YOUR Backstory library is critical for you to one day relive your memories.

Solution 2

Create a convenient shared library with your partner, to finally access those videos and photos taken of you, while also enabling you to hide images from your partner.  


For friends and family, Backstory distributes relevant images though its revolutionary tag share system. While you organize, you also share with the right people, and with a single tap of the Add to Backstory button, they can add full-resolution copies to their accounts.


Compiling all images meaningful to you has never been so fast and easy.

A library filtered to show Partner's Images. Next to it is a group selfie of 20-somethings, highlighting the Add to Backstory button.
Two young women, wearing sunglasses, are posing for a selfie with an exaggerated face kissing the air.

Problem 3

Existing social media platforms are designed to share our curated, idealized selves. No platform exists to share our real lives.


In-depth sharing is awkward on these platforms, and the social interactions they promote are unnatural and for many of us, unhealthy.

Solution 3

Share your real self, but only with those that matter. Backstory's sharing platform is built on top of your organized Backstory library, where your life story is captured. It unlocks and tells that story, with quality, in-depth, private sharing.

Dive deeply into the lives of those you care about, on your time, at your speed, on a platform that fosters normal and positive social interactions. 

Three shared Backstories are shown on a phone. To the right of that is another phone showing an individual Backstory.
A man in his home office, wearing VR goggles, looking out into an imagined landscape of a snowcapped mountain.

The Future

There is a future when our memories become a new form of entertainment. We call the idea "Memory Media."


The challenge in building that future is identifying and compiling images that matter to you.


Only Backstory's unique approach meets that challenge. The backbone is the innovative organization process where you can skip, save, tag and share images in one fast, easy process.


You will create a comprehensive, organized and decluttered collection of videos and photos, unique to you. And with each organizing decision you make, Backstory learns what's meaningful to you (and only you) something Apple or Google's AI (artificial intelligence) can never do.

Your photo collection and personalized AI, become the foundation for extraordinary memory experiences.


Sign up now and get early access to this future.

*Pew Research Center - Percent Adults with Partner

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