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The Future

There is a future when our memories become a new form of entertainment. We call the idea "Memory Media."


The challenge in building that future is identifying and compiling moments and images that matter to you.


Only Backstory's unique approach meets that challenge. The backbone is its innovative curating process where you can skip, save and share images in one fast, easy process.


You will create a comprehensive, organized and decluttered collection of memories, unique to you. And with each curating decision you make, Backstory learns what's meaningful to you (and only you) something Apple or Google's AI (artificial intelligence) can't do.

Your photo collection and personalized AI, become the foundation for extraordinary memory experiences.


Install the app today and step into this future.

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The Founders

Joe Charat - Backstory Founder.jpg
A picture of two boys eating cake Medium.jpeg

Reed asking Santa for a birthday cake.

A Favorite Memory

Joe Charat

Jay Signorello - Backstory Founder.jpg
an outline of shadows Medium_edited.jpg

Fun at the carnival

A Favorite Memory

Jay Signorello

Jay and Joe began working together when they co-founded Naked Apartments. With its web, iOS and Android apps, Naked Apartments grew to become the largest rentals marketplace in the most lucrative and competitive market in the world, New York.  

By building simple solutions for complex problems, team-building and profitable growth, they were able to bootstrap and then sell the company to Zillow.


After leaving Zillow they caught up on missed family time, and independently began incubating and advising various businesses.

Joe now works out of San Diego, California and Jay out of Morris Plains, New Jersey.

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