A family of four reminiscing by watching a Backstory slideshow projected onto their living room wall.

Your photo app. Your sharing platform. Your time machine.

Enjoy your photos and videos. Finally.

Hey there! 


You stumbled upon this site somehow even though it hasn't been advertised.


Here's the deal: this site is a preview of what we're building or plan to build. As we prepare to launch, we're using the site to help explain our vision.


With that disclaimer ;) enjoy your tour of a future we're excited to build... and please keep it secret.  

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-Joe Charat

Co-founder and CEO

The Backstory App landing page with four twenty-somethings celebrating with sparklers on a porch.

Better organizing. Better sharing. Better reminiscing.

Your photo app stinks. You need a new one. Your videos and photos are overwhelming. There are too many and you can't enjoy them. 

There are images documenting your life on your partner’s phone and your family and friends' phones.

The solution: with one simple process, Backstory declutters and organizes your images. At the same time, it combines relevant images between partners, friends and family. Backstory becomes your photo app, your sharing platform, your time machine.


Sign up today. Relive your backstory.

*Currently only available to select users.

Organize thousands of images in no time

Using Backstory's innovative design, you'll quickly have every image decluttered, organized, shared with the right people and combined with your partner.

Two selfies of a couple. The 1st is skipped by getting swiped up, revealing the 2nd one below it.

Share images automatically

Sharing is seamlessly built into Backstory's organizing system, so you can share your real life, not the Instagrammed one, with those that matter.

Create tags and choose who to share them with. While you declutter, organize and tag images, sharing happens automatically.​

Those shared images will then enrich the Backstories of your friends and family. The best part: their shared images will do the same for your Backstory.

A line drawing diagram of Tag Share with two separate Tag Groups - family and best friends.

Share images with your partner

Your partner is the other cameraman documenting your life. In fact, we bet your partner's phone has more images of you than your own phone.

Backstory creates a joint account to bring your images together, while still allowing you to keep some private.​

A Backstory app screenshot of Partner Share with an image of a young couple travelling in Europe.

Sit back, relax, reminisce

Your organized images and those shared by your partner, friends and family, become your time machine.

*Coming Soon

A mockup of a memory experience viewable on a family's TV.