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A family of four reminiscing by watching a Backstory slideshow projected on their living r

Curate your photos to relive your past

Launching to the public soon, Backstory creates a new category of entertainment called Memory Experiences.


Through a combination of user input and personalized artificial intelligence, users relive their past, month-by-month, by curating and seamlessly sharing favorite memories, ultimately building their organized Backstory, a foundation for incredibly memory experiences to come.

Try the Beta App

With Backstory, forgotten moments from your past unfold in front of you

Backstory's Skip Save Screen with a photo of friends sittng in front of a river.jpg

So you can relive, curate, and share a collection of your favorite moments

Backstory's Curate Card with Recognized Faces and Shared Albums.jpg

Transforming your overwhelming photo library into an organized, easily searchable collection of memories

Backstory's organized Memories Screen featuring a Christmastime montage.jpg

Your curated memories are seamlessly shared with your partner, family and friends

Backstories Feed with three different feeds Copy.jpg

Shared whether they have the iOS app, or not

A laptop and phone displaying Backstory's feed of shared memories.jpg

Backstory becomes your foundation for reminiscing and sharing your life story

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